Stunning images of a fully transparent Airbus

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 |

Airbus's concept transparent plane.

Come 2050, and you can fly in a fully transparent plane enjoying the panoramic views of the sky. Airbus has unveiled the concept design of a futuristic plane, which will making flying an unforgettable experience.
Image: Airbus's concept transparent plane.

Airbus concept plane.

A see-through cabin with a bone-like structure will offer spectacular views of the sky and the land below. The takeoffs and landings will be a chilling experience for the passengers.
Image: Airbus concept plane.

Airbus concept plane.
The plane will not have first, business, or economy seats. Instead, passengers can choose to travel in the interactive zone, with a bar and electronic games or the relaxation zone.
Image: Airbus concept plane.
Golf course inside the plane.
The interactive zone will entertain travellers with virtual holographic golf courses or virtual clothes shopping.

Image: Golf course inside the plane.
Airbus concept aircraft.
The aircraft's walls are designed to change according to light conditions. The size of the seats can be changed according to individual needs.

Image: Airbus concept aircraft.
Airbus's concept aircraft.

The futuristic plane will have in-flight entertainment powered by the heat from passengers' bodies.
Image: Airbus's concept aircraft.