Jolicloud changes name and direction

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 |
Jolicloud will have a new name and direction, according to comments made on Monday by project founder Tariq Krim.

The Jolicloud operating system — touted for its HTML 5 and cloud sync capabilities — will be known as Joli OS "to avoid confusion" and Jolicloud will be used to refer to the online desktop, Krim said in a blog post.

Despite the successes — which include 300,000 new Jolicloud account registrations since August — of the Jolicloud desktop, Krim said it was imperative to "expand our experience beyond our own OS to be relevant on other platforms".

In order to reach a wider audience — and in addition to the existing Jolicloud Chrome web app — the cloud-synced Jolicloud desktop will be available as a web app for Firefox 4 and Safari 5 in future. It will also be available for the iPad as "an experimental HTML 5 port", Krim said.

An update to Jolicloud 1.2 is also due to launch later this week. The upgrade is expected to see the switch to an HTML 5-based filesystem instead of the Nautilus file manager used on the Gnome desktop, according to a post made on Twitter by Krim.