IPL and cauvery issue

Thursday, April 12, 2018 |

Chennai doesn't deserve IPL. Chennai doesn't deserve a great team as CSK. I am ashamed. This is not the city I love, not the city I am so passionate about. Not the safe city that I revere and I thought ran in my blood.

Don't come here, CSK. Your safety is important. Yesterday they threw shoes at a random, unconnected South African player, tomorrow what's stopping them from throwing acid on an Indian player?

This is not about cricket,  not about IPL or about CSK. Yes IPL is only 11 years old; actually 9 years old in Chennai. The city AND the game has existed before and will exist after this.

It is about lawlessness, it is about sending a message to the world that you can hold a city to seige and push your agenda by violence. Mindless violence directed at unsuspecting citizens, including women. It is about the image you are portraying when investments are already at the lowest levels in the state.

I've never ever been ashamed of my beloved city. Today I am.

To the protestors:

1. It is not like Cauvery water was plenty all these years. What happened this year alone? 
2. How will this protest help a farmer?
3. You speak about cricket. What have our politicians done? Have they renounced anything? Our film fraternity has come out in open supporting the IPL ban. Why don't they start at their own home? Did anyone, ONE of them, say they will stop shooting for movies to support the issue?
4. It's very easy to protest against the Central government. What has OUR state government done to conserve water? How many lakes and rivers have been desilted? What are we doing with the water we have? What happened to the water that flooded Chennai? What did ADMK do, what did DMK do? It's a matter of shame that we had the worst drought in history 18 months after the worst floods in history.
5. Do you know about the sand mafia in Tamil Nadu? Our river beds are being alarmingly eroded by the sand mafia. What's the use of water when there's no sand to support it? Why is no one protesting against this grave issue?
6. If you are protesting about water, why don't we start with state sponsored liquor shops aka TASMAC. TN has the dubious distinction of earning the highest revenue from STATE SPONSORED alcohol shops. Does alcohol come from air?

Let us first clean the muck in our own house.

Like RJ Balaji says - we voted for ~235 MLAs and 40  MPs. We didn't vote for Dhoni or Rajeev Shukla or N Srinivasan. Make THEM accountable for your demands. Don't push your agenda by squishing a sitting duck.

Li-fi 100 times faster than wi-fi

Sunday, November 29, 2015 |

This new technology is going to change the internet era!'Li-fi 100 times faster than wi-fi'

"One of the big advantages of Li-Fi is the fact that, unlike wi-fi, it does not interfere with other signals, so could be utilised on aircraft and in other places where interference is an issue."

A new method of delivering data, which uses the visible spectrum rather than radio waves, has been tested in a working office. Li-fi can deliver internet access 100 times faster than traditional wi-fi, offering speeds of up to 1Gbps (gigabit per second). It requires a light source, such as a standard LED bulb, an internet connection and a photo-detector. It was tested this week by Estonian start-up Velmenni, in Tallinn. Velmenni used a li-fi-enabled light bulb to transmit data at speeds of 1Gbps.

Laboratory tests have shown theoretical speeds of up to 224Gbps. It was tested in an office, to allow workers to access the internet and in an industrial space, where it provided a smart lighting solution. Speaking to the International Business Times, chief executive Deepak Solanki said that the technology could reach consumers "within three to four years".

The term li-fi was first coined by Prof Harald Haas from Edinburgh University, who demonstrated the technology at a Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in 2011. His talk, which has now been watched nearly two million times, showed an LED lamp streaming video. Prof Haas described a future when billions of light bulbs could become wireless hotspots

LED Indor Farm - 100 Times more productive

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 |

Japan is home to the world’s largest indoor farm and the statistics for which are a little bit mind blowing; 25,000 square feet producing 10,000 heads of lettuce per day (100 times more per square foot than traditional methods) with 40% less power, 80% less food waste and 99% less water usage than outdoor fields.
 The benefits of farming indoors with such a controllable climate are fairly obvious. Crops won’t be affected by unexpected weather events, crop disease or bad droughts. Working in Miyagi Prefecture in eastern Japan, which was badly hit by powerful earthquake and tsunamis in 2011, Japanese plant physiologist Shigeharu Shimamura turned a former Sony Corporation semiconductor factory into the world’s largest indoor farm illuminated by LEDs.

5 things the hiring manager will never tell you

Friday, October 17, 2014 |

For a change, pretend you're at the other end of the line -- you are the hiring manager.
Is there something you'd like your prospective candidates to know? 

There are people who wish they could use their telepathic skills to find out what the hiring manager really wants.
Oh! To be able to see through people and deliver ahead of expectations will be such a great power to hold.
It is true that in a world of locked minds, the person wielding the power of telepathy is king; but let's be realistic here -- How many can actually do that?
Prospective job seekers scan through millions of websites and conditioning profiles to seek a way into the albatross of the guarded HR mind, but with no avail.
To them, an HR manager is the sly devil in a Raymond suit -- unpredictable, evil and inaccessible.

Management Lesson - Moral Story

Monday, June 2, 2014 |

Midsize cities in Poland develop as service hubs for outsourcing industry

Monday, December 23, 2013 |

An employee working Infosys Lodz centre in Poland (Photo: Adam Lach/The New York Times)
An employee working Infosys Lodz centre in Poland (Photo: Adam Lach/The New York Times)
Lodz, Poland: Not long ago, the only way a young Pole like Piotr Wegielewski could find a job worthy of his two master's degrees would have been hopping on one of the budget flights from the airport near here to go to Western Europe.

Cardboard box redefined


Every year, one billion cardboard boxes are produced in the U.S. Every one of them is terrible. These two engineering students have come up with a genius replacement.

Cooper Union's Invention Factory -- Summer 2013
The Rapid Packing Container -- Patent Pending
( The Cooper Union: http://www.cooper.edu/engineering )